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News from the backroads, May, 2009:

Issue 32 - farewell to our printed issues

Our final printed issue, #32, was mailed to all paying subscribers in August, 2002. This issue traced the Old Dixie Highway - eastern branch - from Homestead, Florida, to the Canada border at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Preview issue #32

Issue 32 is the final printed issue of Two-Lane Roads magazine.

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Preview issue #32

Two-Lane Roads magazine has always been a one-man operation; and that one man - Loren Eyrich - had surgery for colon / rectal cancer, and needed to stay pretty near home for nearly a year for chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The treatments are now over, and I am very happy to be cancer free seven years later!

Please bookmark this website and check back for future updates.    -L.E.

Two-Lane Roads magazine
32 issues
43 states
160,604 miles
22,262 gallons of gasoline
Countless barbecue sandwiches

Update February, 2009:
Since the last issue was published, I returned to the retail auto industry for 6 years, employed as comptroller for a group of used car dealers in Fort Lauderdale.  I retired from the auto industry in October, 2008. 

I would love to go RVing again someday, but I'm not sure if I can handle it.  I have peripheral neuropathy in both legs, a side effect of chemotherapy, and I can walk only very short distances with the aid of a walker.
 --  Loren Eyrich

Legends of America.  Travel, history, Old West, Route 66, ghost towns, treasure tales, and more.  Webmaster Kathy Weiser has gathered historic photos, old postcards, plus her own photos from her travels, into a fun and informative site.  Check out her mile-by-mile description along Route 66.  The information could easily fill several books, but it's all here for free.

Florida RV Dealer's controversial roadside art

The Airstream Ranch -- roadside art, or trashy roadside attraction?

More funny backroads stuff

Silly signs - Top 100 -- from Road Trip America 

Fun videos I found on YouTube:

Click here for a 1937 movie theater newsreel produced by Chevrolet, about early RVers, often called, "Tin Can Tourists"

1937 silent film cartoon, "Tin Can Tourist" - Farmer Al Falfa and his dog take a trip in a trailer filled with imaginative gadgets!

Enjoy this vintage travel trailer slide show, with music by Johnny Cash

1935 movie theater newsreel produced by Chevrolet - RV is half bug & half buggy

1955 movie -- RV turns into traveling hotel

Click here for hilarious YouTube video "Redneck Camper Wheelies"

Or watch this zany British Motorhome Race on YouTube

Boat and camper figure eight racing

History of the RV, from

TV ads from the 1950s to 1960s

Dinah Shore, "See The USA In Your Chevrolet" - 1953

How would you like to drive this mountain road in Bolivia?

In other RV news:

High-tech scavenger hunt using your GPS

Got GPS?   Who doesn't love to hunt for treasure?   Here's a fun way to use your hand-held GPS to find hidden "treasure".  It's unlikely you will find a stash of gold doubloons; what you may find is a trinket placed by another person who is playing the game.  You will need a hand-held GPS, and access to one of several websites devoted to this growing sport.   

While there are hundreds of thousands of stashes located worldwide, you don't need to travel the globe to find treasure -- unless you want to.  I did a search by ZIP code, and found listings for over 600 within a few miles of my house. 

Some players add challenges to the scavenger hunt, so you actually locate one clue at a time, each directing you to another and another, until you finally locate the treasure!. 
Read this story from National Geographic for lots more about these treasure hunts

And here is a partial list of sites which list the treasure coordinates:
Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint

Live webcams.
Want to see a live shot of Old Faithful, or Times Square? Find hundreds here, indexed by state. Click here

More news:

What happened on this day in automotive history? Fun auto history facts, from the History Channel. Click here

Fuel price watch - enter your ZIP code and locate the cheapest gas in your neighborhood. Click here

Burma-Shave. The William F. Eisner Museum of Advertising & Design, Milwaukee, WI; salutes the Burma-Shave roadside ad campaign, complete with video and audio clips. Plus, enter their new Burma-Shave jingle contest.
Click here

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About Two-Lane Roads magazine

On the road 1991 - 2002

Two Lane Roads magazine featured offbeat attractions, museums, funny signs, and other roadside delights, on America's backroads, recalling simpler days, when Burma Shave signs and steel diners lined our highways.  Editor Loren Eyrich enjoyed the RV lifestyle in a 5th wheel trailer, avoiding turnpikes & freeways.

Loren Eyrich walked way from a career as comptroller for America's largest automobile dealer, and hit the road in a RV.  In the first 12 years of publishing, he logged over 160,000 miles, nearly all of it on two-lane roads, in a RV he called the "COW", or Condo-On-Wheels. 

COW II is a 1991 Kountry Star 5th wheel trailer, and pulled with a 1989 Chevrolet dually pickup. Loren hits the road 4 to 8 weeks at a time, updating his computer each night in campgrounds.  He is photographer and writer as he explores the backroads of North America.

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COW2.jpg (22932 bytes)
Condo-On-Wheels II
on a two-lane highway
in Virginia

usa-map.GIF (9023 bytes)
Map of all routes to date

Did you enjoy the little highway centerline animation at the top of this page, with the verse on the red signs?  It's no coincidence that these resemble the Burma-Shave signs of yesteryear.  Visit our Nostalgia page and Burma-Shave page to see some animations with actual Burma-Shave verses.   

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Test your knowledge of auto history with our trivia quiz!

Click the car to play trivia.  oldcar.gif (1785 bytes)

More news

Our first 32 issues have covered states from Texas to Maine, and from Florida to Idaho. 

This one-man business operates on one desktop computer and laser printer which ride along in the RV, and voicemail.  Loren's mail is forwarded to him care of general delivery at towns along his route, and E-mail is answered almost daily thanks to a wireless modem.

Our four basic rules:

No Interstates - you can't see anything but the taillights of big trucks whizzing by!
No franchised food - two words which don't belong in the same sentence.
No theme parks - I love them, but you don't need me to tell you about them.
No five-star accommodations - I sleep very comfortably every night in campgrounds.

The editor eschews Interstates and toll roads, seeking out secondary roads instead.  A major portion of each issue of Two-Lane Roads is Loren's daily journal called, "Shunpiking" - Loren's rambling observations along the road.

Shun-pike \n (1853): a side road used to avoid the toll, speed, and traffic of a turnpike. 

avoiding the superhighways, seeking out the scenic route instead.

This page last updated April 2, 2014.

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Except for the book cover designs or where otherwise noted, all text and all photographs were created by Loren Eyrich.  No portion of this website may be reproduced without written permission.

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